We have different levels of taekwondo classes to cater for the age range of your child. So no matter how old or young your child is, you can be sure we have a place for him or her. Our classes include:

Little Ninjas

This is a class for our kids who are within the age range of 4 - 6 years. Teaching a child taekwondo at this stage ensures the child grasps the fundamentals which stick with them as they grow older. We have qualified instructors who are well-versed in training kids of this age and our aim is to improve the child's coordination and stance by devoting the left and right sides of the body.

This technique is different from sports where only the favourite side of the body is developed. A key feature of Taekwondo is stability and to ensure this, both sides of the body need to have equal coordination.

Some of the programs in this class include; basic kicking and blocking techniques, striking, as well as core instruction on discipline, fairplay, friendship, and respect. We give them real-life self-defence skills which include practical and theory with a strong emphasis on stranger-danger. Enrolling your children in this class gives them the ability to pursue other endeavours with confidence both at work or at play. To enrol your child today, please click here.

Junior Ninjas

Our junior ninja classes are for kids within the ages of 6 and 10. They are given all the training and teachings of the class below as well as further skills training to boost their disciple and confidence in their everyday life. They are taught with more rigor that is appropriate to their age group so they can hone their taekwondo skills in a fun but controlled environment. The basic aim of the junior class is to ensure each child learns the traditional taekwando techniques which they can build upon in order to become professional athletes in the sport. Junior ninjas are taught the following disciplines:

  • Kicking and blocking techniques

  • Striking

  • Step and continuous sparring

  • Self-defence

  • Target Kicking

We also build inner traits such as; Stance, Confidence, Strength and Speed, Flexibility, and Balance.

Our classes are also designed to confront schoolyard bullying, teaching our junior Ninjas the necessary techniques required to confront bullying such as boosting their confidence and ability to speak up against bullies. We understand how daunting it is to undertake a new activity and our instructors are qualified to give your kids the necessary support needed to adjust to their new environment. Once your child is enrolled, the child starts at the White belt level and proceeds to other advanced levels as their skills become better. To enrol your child today, please click here.

Adult Classes

We focus on kids but still have special programs for adults who would like to keep fit, workout, or loose weight. To find out more about these programs please click here.