As a budding martial artist your child requires the bright amount of nutrition to increase strength, balance and coordination in order to carry out their day to day training. Diets may vary by family and home but it is important for each meal to be filled with the right amount of calories, and vitamins.

For muscle development, your child needs the right amount of protein which will maintain the muscle, as well as add much needed mass. It is advisable to pack a lunch box filled with lean protein sources such as fish, beef, and legumes.

Carbs are also necessary for a martial artist. The amount of carbs needed may depend on the size of the kid. What is important is to ensure your child gets enough carbs to promote energy storage and retention when in training. But it is essential you forgive your child wholesome carbs which can be sourced from whole grains as well as fruits.

Every child needs fat as an energy source when training so it is important not to take away the fat from the diet. But be careful to avoid bad fat such as high in saturated fats or trans-fat. Healthy fats can be sourced from fatty fish, nuts, and seeds. It is important to get at least 17% of the required calorie intake from fatty foods. When your child eats the right amount of good fat, you can expect the child to develop endurance and muscle stamina.