Learn the purest techniques of taekwondo at Chungs Taekwondo academy.

Martial arts can be beneficial for your kids when you allow them to receive the appropriate instruction. Children who learn martial arts from a young age can end up being focused and disciplined in life.

Here at Chungs Taekwondo Academy, we concentrate individually on the needs of our pupils to ensure each child receives the required instruction for their growth. There is a lot of misconception about letting children learn taekwondo. We do not only teach children the theories and practicals of Taekwondo, we also give them instruction on respect, fairplay, humility, and calmness, which are the foundation of martial arts.

Our Taekwondo Academy has standard facilities with excellent equipment, and what this all means is that, your child will be given the best instruction on Taekwondo in a controlled environment which allows us to maximize all of the rewards with little or no risk involved. Our Academy is open to all, and each child is treated as an individual and fairly too, irrespective of their colour, country, or creed. As an Academy, we focus mainly on kids.

But we also offer specialized classes for adults who would like to be part of our Taekwondo programme. To find out how to register your kids or to schedule a taster, please fill the forms below this page and we would contact you as soon as we can.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you are concerned about the type of training your child receives, so we hope this bulletin will be able to answer some of your questions.

  • Will Taekwondo make my child grow up to be a violent person?

No. At our academy, the children under our care are taught the fundamentals of Taekwondo which includes being respectful, and considerate to one another. This makes kids with no history of violence to be kinder more respectful individuals. Kids with violent tendencies are taught to channel their energies into a more practical use and this ensures they become kind, considerate individuals as well.

  • Is my child at risk of injury or death with Taekwondo?

Absolutely not. Our programs are carefully curated and tested rigorously to ensure they are safe for your kids. We also have other safety parameters in place to make sure your child is constantly safe while enjoying the experience. Before any training, children are made to go through warm-ups under intense supervision and with the compulsory safety equipment per child, we can guarantee your kid is safe. Injuries to children are usually minimal and unserious, if any at all.

  • Can my child learn Taekwondo if not into sports at home or school?

Of course! Taekwondo can be seen as a guiding light for children who do not like team sports. Every child is unique and sometimes they may not like sports but find Taekwondo something they can be good at. It is important for us to teach your child self-confidence in order to excel in life.

For more FAQs, please see here.