Chung’s Tae Kwon Do Academy International


Patterns (Poomse)


The following is a list of patterns you will learn during your training up to the grade of 9th Dan.

Clicking on green text below will load either mpeg video sequence or text instructions for pattern


Name                                      Moves                  Shouting                  Grade (Kup) & Belt when taught

                                                                                                               Adults                                   Children



Sajoo Jilugi                               16                           8 & 16                     10th WB                                10th WB


Giboneel                                   16                           1 & 16                     10th WB                                  9th YT   


Taekuk Ill Jang                          18                           18                              9th YT                                   8th YB   

Taegeuk1 Ill Jang.htm        Taegeuk1 Ill Jang.mpeg


Taekuk Yee Jang                       18                           18                             7th GT                                    7th  GI

Taegeuk2 Yee Jang.htm    Taegeuk2 Yee Jang.mpeg


Taekuk Sam Jang                       20                           20                            6th GB                                    6th GB

Taegeuk3 Sam Jang.htm    Taegeuk3 Sam Jang.mpeg   


Taekuk Sah Jang                        20                           20                            5th BT                                    5th BT

Taegeuk4 Sah Jang.htm     Taegeuk4 Sah Jang.mpeg   


Taekuk   Oh Jang                       20                           20                            4th BB                                   4th BB

Taegeuk5 Oh Jang.htm      Taegeuk5 Oh Jang.mpeg   


Taekuk Yuk Jang                        23                          14                            3rd RT                                   3rd RT

Taegeuk6 Yuk Jang.htm     Taegeuk6 Yuk Jang.mpeg   


Taekuk Chil Jang                         25                          25                            2nd RB                                  2nd RB

Taegeuk7 Chil Jang.htm      Taegeuk7 Chil Jang.mpeg


Taekuk Pal Jang                          24                          24                            1st BT                                    1st BT

Taegeuk8 Pal Jang.htm       Taegeuk8.mpeg





Koryo                                         30                           9 & 30                      1st Dan                                1st Poom

S-1 Koryo 1st dan to 2nd.mpeg   


Keumgang                                   27                          11 & 21                     2nd Dan                              2nd Poom

S-2 Keumgang 2nd dan to 3rd.mpeg


Taebaek                                      26                            8 & 22                      3rd Dan                             3rd Poom

S-3 Taebaek 3rd dan to 4th Dan.mpeg


Pyongwon                                                                                                    4th Dan

S-4 Pyongwon 4th dan to 5th Dan.mpeg


Sipjin                                                                                                            5th Dan

S-5 Sipjin 5th dan to 6th Dan.mpeg


Jitae                                                                                                             6th Dan

S-6 Jitae 6th dan to 7th Dan.mpeg


Chonkwon                                                                                                   7th Dan

S-7 Chonkwon 7th dan to 8th Dan.mpeg


Hansu                                                                                                           8th Dan

S-8 Hansu 8th dan to 9th Dan.mpeg