Chung’s Tae Kwon Do Academy Interational

Competition Rules




Introduction         Whether you intend to take part in competitions as a fighter or not, as a practitioner of Tae Kwon Do, you should know the competition rules.   The following is an extract of the Refereeing Rules of Tae Kwon Do.


Valid Scores    One point will be awarded for the following attacks:


                a.                Blow with the fist to the middle section of the body

                b.                Blow with foot to the face or middle section of the body

                c.                Blow correctly dealt with the foot or fist, (fist not above the collar bone) to any part of the body above the naval,

                                   if the opponent falls to the floor as a result of the blow.


Note       Attacks will not be considered valid unless they are carried out with a correct technique.


Invalid Scores    Points will not be awarded for the following attacks:


                a.                Pulling or holding the opponent or obstructing the opponent after a successful attack

                b.                Exchanging blows or dealing blows to he back or neck.

                c.                Loss of balance resulting in attacking fighter falling down after delivering a successful blow.


Deduction of Points                For any of the following 6 reasons (1 point deduction):


                a.                Attacking a fallen opponent

                b.                Attacking the opponents face with the hand, forearm, elbow etc causing serious injury.    

                c.                Attacking with the head.

                d.                Attacking intentionally after the Kalyeo.

                e.                Demonstration of violence or undesirable remarks or misconduct on the part of the contestant or coach.

                f.                Overstepping the line of the competition area (12m boundary)


Warnings              For any of the 12 following reasons (1/2 Point deduction):


                a.                Holding an opponent.

                b.                Turning ones back on the opponent.

                c.                Overstepping the line of the contest area (8m boundary).

                d.                Attacking with the knee.

                e.                Throwing the opponent.   

                f.                Moving continuously around the area, avoiding combat.

                g.                Pretending injury.

                h.                Attacking the private parts.

                i.                Pushing with the hand, shoulder or body.

                j.                Falling intentionally.

                k.                Dealing blows wih the hand to the face without causing injury.

                l.                Undesirable remarks or misconduct on the part of the contestant or coach.


Decisions              Contests can be won by the following decisions


                a.                Disqualification   

                b.                By withdrawal

                c.                Injury                                                           

                d.                K.O.                                                   

                e.                Points

                f.                 Deduction of points

                g.                Superiority         

                h.                By the Referee stopping the contest (RSC)