The Techniques & Importance of Meditation in Martial Arts

To surpass your potential as a martial artist, it is crucial to train your mind. Mental fortitude is the gateway to martial arts supremacy. With meditation, you can break through physical boundaries you never thought possible. But the only way to accomplish this is to discipline your mind. To enhance your focus, and awareness.

These are critical elements of martial arts without which you cannot successfully defeat the enemy in combat. Focus gives you the ability to attack or defend at the right opportunity while awareness ensures you can predict the enemy's moves and counter them. Meditation makes you confront danger with calmness without which you lose focus and cannot relax. And when this happens, you will get easily tensed up, make mistakes, and use up your energy needlessly.

This is why you need meditation to control your Qi so your energy is not easily dissipated. Some of the breathing techniques needed to enhance your ability to meditate include:

Normal Abdominal Breathing

When you take a deep breath, the air pushes your diaphragm down while the abdomen contracts. The perineum also contracts. When you breathe out, the abdomen expands and this allows the diaphragm to release the air inside.

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Reverse Abdominal Breathing

This is the complete reverse of the normal abdominal breathing. This technique is essential for those who would like to properly build their Qi as it is more efficient for the accumulation and distribution of energy. The reverse technique is difficult to master on purpose but can occur instinctively when you laugh or cry.

This technique also gives strength to the muscles, energizing it to a more advanced level. It can be done without concerted effort or the use strength especially when pushing, pulling, or lifting heavy objects.

Embryonic breathing

This is the most advanced breathing technique and the most difficult to master. Please note that before trying out this technique, you must be adept at using the two breathing techniques mentioned above. Embryonic breathing is the cornerstone of Qiqong exercises.

This technique is basically reverse abdominal technique only difference is, the mind is located into the lower Dantian.

To begin this breathing, you must sit in the Lotus position while concentrating on your breathing as a means of stabilizing the mind. Whenever you feel distracted, hone into your thoughts and bring all control back to your mind. You need to have willpower to conquer all distractions and by practicing constantly, you will be able to gain total mind control.


These breathing and meditation techniques are important for improving your martial arts skill. They help control your flow of energy, bringing focus, sharpness and mental clarity.